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Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank

Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank

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 Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank 

Charging your phone on the go. That’s what this Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank ensures you. Now you can recharge your phone without a need to finding a power supply. While travelling or whenever you are out of power zone, carry this battery backup in your pocket. Mi Power Bank with a mind blowing capacity of 5200 mAh is portable, easy to use, compact, and has the capacity to charge your phones twice or thrice. It is compatible with almost all the smartphones, iPhone, and even iPad mini. With spectacular features and useful purpose this is one of the must to have gadgets. It also automatically detects and adjust the output level as per the connected device. Let’s explore this gadget more in terms of features, star ratings, performance etc.

Features of Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank:

  • Product Name:                Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank
  • Sale Price:                      Rs. 499
  • Shipping Charges:            Rs. 49
  • Color:                              white

Here are some specifications of the product:

  • Bright outer cases
  • 5200 mAh capacity
  • Protection from over charge and over discharge
  • Indicator lights to show charging status
  • Protection from short circuits
  • Water and Corrosion resistant

Description of Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank:

Battery cells

Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank host Premium Li-ionbattery cells from LG and Samsung that adds perfection to its capacity. 5200 mAh is enough capacity that can charge any smartphone easily, which leaves less to ask for. It also can charge iPhone 5S and iPad mini twice and once respectively. So, the first important factor that is, battery cells capacity scores well. Having Samsung and LG power inside is a great deal and gives us an assurance of better and reliable performance, without any concern.

World-class chipset protection

The Mi Power Bank is built with some protective features. It has power source chipsets, which are covered and strengthened by nine layers of circuit chipset protection. It also monitors currents supply to shut off whenever the supply exceeds the safety level, in order to protect the device. Japanese technology is infused within, to prevent it from over charging as well as over discharging, which will prevent the damage of Lithium–ion batteries. 
Some of the protective features of this device are shown here:



Temperature Resistance


Sensitive towards high temperature and heat to ensure battery working in a safe environment.

Short circuit protection

Protects against short circuits and prevent any kind of damage to motherboard and other parts.

Reset Mechanism

In unstable condition, reset the power bank to avoid any damage.

Input/ Output Over voltage protection

Whenever the voltage exceeds minimum and maximum input and output safety levels, the gadget shuts of automatically to surge any harm or damage.

Automatic Charger protection

In case charger is not inserted properly, it detects and stops charging.

Over charge and Over discharge prevention

Li-ion batteries are protected by Japanese technology adoption to avoid any kind of over and under charging.

Protection from Output Over current


Whenever the output current exceeds the maximum safety limits, the device shuts down to prevent damage to itself and the connected device as well.

PTC protection

PTC covering to effectively control to protect batteries from voltage, current and other issues.

Optimized for charging efficiency

The best feature of Mi Power Bank is its charging efficiency. Most of the Power Banks fail to impress users in this department, however when it comes to Mi 5200 mAh, it’s not only safer and reliable, but also has a conversion rate of up to 85% for any device. It has the ability to stabilize the discharge voltage with its advanced sensor technology, which on other side enhances its efficiency and durability. It has almost 10% increased power output efficiency which makes it more attractive one and stand out of the crowd.

Protective Casing 

Next let’s come to the looks and outer design. The cases are vibrant, attractive and have metal casing that turns out to be protective as well as corrosion resistant. It has curved corners that give it a nice finished touch and a variety of funky colors are available in the market. Along with beautiful looks, it’s also strong and has a capacity to bear up around 50 kgs. It has also passed 300 rub test. Such features make it more reliable.

Tested for standards

The power Bank has been tested for some MI standards. These test standards are recorded here in the table. You can gauge its strength and performance just by looking at this table and it will come out to be a perfect buy for you. 

          Test                            Details

  • Charging Port                5000 times
  • USB port                       1500 times
  • High temperature          At 70 degrees for 96 hours
  • Low temperature           At -40 degrees for 96 hours
  • Salt spray test              35 degrees / 24 hours and 3 cycles

Online Shopping Sites to Buy Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank:

Reviews of Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank:

Positive reviews of Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank:

  • Excellent product & superb battery backup.
  • Small and Portable.
  • Fast charging than other power banks.
  • High efficiency rate (almost 85%).
  •  LEDs to view the capacity.

Fortunately no negative issues with the product were found.

User Ratings for Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank collected from Various Online Shopping Websites:

Amazon 3.5/5
Flipkart 4.2/5
Snapdeal 3.5/5

Main Home Page for Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank

You can see manufacturer description for Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank  here.

Service Center and Support for Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank

Service Center of Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank  here.

Unboxing Videos of Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank:

Here is the Unboxing video of Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank

Review Video of Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank

Here is the Reviews video of Mi 5200 mAh Power Bank

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