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Kenstar Oxy Fryer (3 Ltr)

Kenstar Oxy Fryer (3 Ltr)

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Kenstar Oxy Fryer:


The new Kenstar Oxy Fryer is Jazzy, Stunning & Modernisticin its body & feature. It also addsextra addition to your Kitchen by making it more attractive as it pleases you with its Rich & Classy look and providing you with best heating experience.

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Specifications of Kenstar Oxy Fryer:

  • 3L Holding Capacity
  • 3 Min preset Timer
  • Oxy Fryer
  • Comes with Hidden Handle

Description of Kenstar Oxy Fryer:


The New Kenstar Oxy Fryer has a stunning design. It also gives you Oil Free cooking experience & maintains your Cholesterol level as it cooks food without using lot of oil.

3 L Food Holding capacity

The Oxy Fryer has a 3L Food holding capacity as it comes with a large Tray embedded in it. So, you can cook your favorite Food stuff in a bulk with one go.

30 Min Preset Timer

One of the best feature of Oxy Fryer is that it is fused with a 30 Min Preset Timer which allows you to Fry food for 30 Min without any fuss. It also comes with a Power cut feature that will automatically cut off the Power supply when timer has been stopped.

Hidden Handle

The next amazing feature of the Oxy Fryer is that it comes with a secret Handle embedded in its body so that you can easily carry your Oxy Fryer anywhere and push back the Handle when not in use. 

Temperature Setting

Different Food item needs different temperature setting to be cooked or fry,  therefore to keep this feature in mind the new Kenstar Oxy Fryer comes with a Temperature setting option where you can set the temperature of the food according to its needs starting from 80 degrees to 200 degrees. 

2 LED Indicators

2 LED Indicators of the Oxy Fryer show you that the Power is on in its First indication & second one will let you know that the heating is in process.

Air Outlet Ventilator


Now it’s time to make your kitchen free from bad odour, as this Oxy Fryer comes with Air outlet ventilation feature which will blow out all the bad smell coming while frying or cooking. 

1.2 Meter Long Power Cord

The 1.2 meter Long power cord of the Oxy Fryerensures that you can keep this air fryer anywhere you want in the kitchen.

User Reviews for Kenstar Oxy Fryer collected from Various Online Shopping Websites:

Positive Reviews for Kenstar Oxy Fryer:

  • Awesome color of the oxy fryer
  • Comes with bigger basket
  • Smilies, French fries, Potato Wedges makes anything in just 15-20 min
  • Healthy and oil free cooking 
  • Best suitable for bigger families

Negative Reviews for Kenstar Oxy Fryer:

  • Air vent at the back of the air fryer gives out ver hot air
  • Teflon Coating from the basket peeled off after 3-4 months 

User Ratings for Kenstar Oxy Fryer collected from Various Online Shopping Websites:

Flipkart 4/5

Main Homepage of Kenstar Oxy Fryer:

You can see manufacturer description for Kenstar Oxy Fryer here.

Service Center of Kenstar Oxy Fryer:

You can see service center details of Kenstar Oxy Fryer  here.

Unboxing Video of Kenstar Oxy Fryer:

Here is the unboxing video of Kenstar Oxy Fryer:

Review Video of Kenstar Oxy Fryer:

You can see detailed review videos of Kenstar Oxy Fryer below:

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