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Jawbone UP wristband

Jawbone UP wristband

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Description of Jawbone UP wristband:

Jawbone UP wristband  

One of the biggest clichéd line in today's time is that "technology has come a long way". But there’s no denying the fact that this statement is certainly true. Therefore when a product like Jawbone UP wristband comes along, you are bound to get excited since it tracks every movement of your life so as to provide the pattern that can be used for a healthier lifestyle. 

Appearance and dimension

Jawbone UP wristband weighs 3.2 ounces and comes with dimensions of 0.5 by 3 by 2.1 inches and weighs 0.8 ounces. As far aesthetics is concerned, Jawbone UP wristband looks more or less like a normal wrist band and is pretty easy on the eyes. There are various colors for users to choose from including onyx, blue, navy blue, red, light grey and mint. There are three sizes in which the band is available including large, medium and small.

What is it?

Jawbone UP wristband is basically a hardware and an application that works in sync with various smartphone platforms and keeps track of all the body movements regarding how you eat, sleep or move. The ever so slightest movements in your sleep are tracked by UP and with the help of a built-in algorithm, it derives details regarding how many hours you slept or woke up during the night, and even the duration it takes for you to fall asleep. Based on the data collected, Jawbone UP wristband lets you wake up on a set alarm, so that you wake up feeling energized and well rested. 
Your eating habits can also be tracked informing you as to how much calories, carbs, protein and vitamins you consumed in a particular meal or during a whole day. 

Activities that are tracked

With Jawbone UP wristband, the user can track the distance covered, calories burned and also the level of intensity with which one carries out their activities. In fact Jawbone UP wristband also keeps track of your happiness index and maintains details regarding how you feel.                  


Jawbone UP wristband works well on any version of the Android OS as long as it is above Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or later. The device is also compatible with Amazon Fire phone and iOS 6.0 or later.

Battery life

Jawbone UP wristband can last for up to 10 days and can be worn for 24 hours a day. The wristband has a lithium-ion battery for charging.

User Reviews for Jawbone UP wristband collected from Various Online Shopping Websites:

Positive Reviews for Jawbone UP wristband:

  • Good gadget which keeps you aware every time about your workout.
  • Usefull for alarms vibrates when your idle for more than a configurable number of minutes.
  • Amazing quality.

Negative Reviews for Jawbone UP wristband:

  • It should be waterproof.

User Ratings for Jawbone UP wristband collected from Various Online Shopping Websites:

eBay 4.5/5
Amazon 4.2/5

Main Homepage of Jawbone UP wristband:

You can see manufacturer description for Jawbone UP wristband here.

Service Center of Jawbone UP wristband:

You can see service center details of Jawbone UP wristband here.

Unboxing Video of Jawbone UP wristband:

Here is the unboxing video of Jawbone UP wristband:

Review Video of Jawbone UP wristband:

You can see detailed review videos of Jawbone UP wristband below:

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