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HTC White RE Sports & Action Camera

HTC White RE Sports & Action Camera

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HTC has been a big time player in the smartphone industry for a while now and the Taiwanese firm plans to stay at that position for the long run. However with gadgets like Moto 360 watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear, iPods we see the craving for diversification and expansion among the big guns. Top technology firms are looking to widen their empire and HTC is no different as they bring out HTC RE which is a 16 megapixels camera with a nice periscope-like touch to it. 

Description of HTC RE:


HTC RE looks very different than the standard cameras we’re used to seeing. The device also seems to be quite handy and easy to use providing a better grip. Aesthetics seems to be quite pleasing and this thing is definitely a head turner. The cylindrically shape device has a height of 97.7mm and a diameter of 26.5mm. Weight is a manageable 66.5 grams which makes it easy to carry around. 

Battery life

HTC RE is powered by a 820mAh rechargeable battery which can shoot videos for up to 1 hour and 50 minutes. Users can snap up to 1200 pictures. 

Pictures and videos

HTC RE has a 16 megapixels sensor which is very good indeed and can click images with a sensor size of up to 1/3.2 inches. There is a 146 degree flexibility for taking wide angle shots that really enhances the photography experience for the users.  There is also the option of slo-mo video which has been quite a rage in recent  times. The camera can be unlocked or switched on using the built-in grip sensor which gets activated once you place your finger or thumb over it. 


HTC RE comes with a 32MB ROM while the device also has a microSD card slot for further expansion of memory. The 256MB RAM makes it easier to swipe through the galleries and increase the overall functionality and speed.  

Android and iOS compatibility

HTC RE is pretty versatile and can work with multiple software platforms like Android and iOS for transferring of images and videos to the desktop or other smart devices.  


HTC RE provides features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which means users can transfer pictures and videos wirelessly through the former. Wi-Fi allows users to connect the device with the web.

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Reviews of HTC RE:

Positive reviews:

  • wonderful creation from HTC
  • awesome small, simple point-and-shoot video camera 
  • A good handy camera.

User Ratings for HTC RE:

Snapdeal 4.1/5

Review Videos of HTC RE

Here is the Reviews video of HTC RE

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