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Citron AF001 2.2 L Air Fryer

Citron AF001 2.2 L Air Fryer

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Air fryers are a great way to cook some of your favourite dishes in the shortest possible time. The product is a great asset for urban resident who have to keep up with tight schedules and do not have the time to spend on preparing nutritious dishes. Air fryer uses the rapid air technology which circulates quickly around the food heating it up from all sides. 

Keeping this lines in mind "Citron" one of the popular brand has launched it's "Air-Fryer" with capacity 2.2 litres which is a masterpiece in cooking several dishes without using any oil or does "Oil-Free Cooking" 

Let's have a look at some of the features of " Citron 2.2 litres Air-Fryer"

2.2 L Capacity:

Citron Air Fryer holds a massive 2.2L of food basket capacity and a 4L pan capacity which will cook enough food for small or medium size family. The product also comes with a Stainless steel Tongs, Anti-Slip Rubber Mat, Recipe Book which is an additional benefit it is giving.

60 Min Preset Timer:

One of the best feature of Air-Fryer is that it is fused with a 60 Min Preset Timer which allows you to Fry food for 60 Min without any fuss. It also comes with a Power cut feature that will automatically cut off the Power supply when the timer has been stopped.

Adjustable Temperature Control:

Various Food item needs various temperature setting to be cooked or fry,  therefore  keeping this feature in mind Citron Air Fryer comes with a temperature setting/ control option where you can set the temperature of the food according to its need starting from 120 degrees to 200 degrees.

Power Consumption and Cord Length:

Last, but certainly not the least the Citron Air Fryer with the food holding capacity of 2.2 litres consumes a power of 1500 watt and makes it one of the best and fastest cooking Air-Fryer in its field. Moreover, the fryer also comes with a cord length of  1.2 metres that makes it highly portable from one place to another in the kitchen. 

So, go ahead and Buy Citron Air Fryer at lowest price online in India. shows you the best deal on Citron Air Fryer.

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