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Blackberry classic

Blackberry classic

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BlackBerry Classic:

Blackberry Classic, a very new addition to the Blackberry family, is a performance driven newly designed phone, equipped with exceptional perfection. Powerful, high end features and elegant looks, it comes out to be a head turner and will steal the show. Carry it in your pockets, this 3.5” square screen phone and turn heads whenever you pull it out of pocket. 
Let’s have a look at some astonishing features it has, along with in depth description of the Blackberry Classic.

Features of Blackberry Classic:

Rear Camera 8 MP
Front Camera 2 MP
Screen Size 3.5” display
Platform BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS
Processor Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon
Battery Li-Ion 2515 mAh batter
Internal Storage 16 GB
2G Support Yes
3G Support Yes
4G Support No

Online Shopping Sites To Buy Blackberry Classic:

Above we have listed the lowest price for Blackberry Classic. However, if you would like to check out other websites as well, then you can explore Blackberry Classic on following websites:

Description of Blackberry Classic:


Blackberry phones come with a unique, one of its kind design that have square shaped screen with classy keypad beneath it. A keypad that can be compared to none. The phone boasts of 3.5” square screen coupled with an optical track pad. Dedicated phone keys for several functions including pick or make calls, menu or back keys and similar more. Now type quickly and efficiently with 

Battery and performance:

The Blackberry Classic contains a powerful 2515 mAh battery that is capable of delivering good results for longer time. Expect performance nothing less than your imagination with this much power and Blackberry 10.3.1 Operating system. The operating system ensures a better interface and more productivity. 

BlackBerry Blend:

A very new addition to Blackberry feature list. Switch from one device to another with Blackberry Blend, that lets you access your documents, messages, mails etc on any device (Tablet, laptop etc). Now, you can stay connected without wires or VPN with this new feature and enjoy accessing your mails, files, contacts on hands with ease.

BlackBerry Hub: 

Manage all your messages and conversations at one place- BlackBerry Hub. Now, you need not switch to individual messages to arrange, organize and act on them. Instead, you can easily manage them right with the help of Blackberry Hub. Now control and organize all your conversations at one place and get them just by swiping and thus save time and complexity. 

Best for Business:

Blackberry has always been secure and is one of the most professional choice for business. Data and all the communication conversations are secured with the Encryption process, which provides better level of security as well as a backup is always stored, to avoid any malware or data loss. Stay secured with this Blackberry Classic.

User Ratings for Blackberry Classic collected from Various Online Shopping Websites:

Snapdeal 5/5

Main Homepage of Blackberry Classic:

You can see manufacturer description for Blackberry Classic here .

Service Center of Blackberry Classic:

You can see service center details of Blackberry Classic here .

Unboxing Video of Blackberry Classic:

Here is the unboxing video of Blackberry Classic:

Review Video of Blackberry Classic:

You can see detailed review videos of Blackberry Classic below:

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