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Asus X200MA-KX238D 11.6-inch Laptop

Asus X200MA-KX238D 11.6-inch Laptop

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Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook

Asus has been a renowned and well established brand in Indian market and is going well in Laptops and now Smartphones. Asus X200MA (KX238D) laptop is one of those pieces that boasts of impressive looks and high end features. Undoubtedly, fair performance, advanced features and reasonable prices, they have made Asus to stay into the competitive market for such a long time. Lets have a look at some of the best features and functionalities that you can expect from this netbook and an in depth review of the sus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook.

Features of Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook:

Brand  Asus
Screen Size 11.6 Inches
Display Technology LED Backlit Display
Dimensions 37.2 x 24.8 x 6.2 cm
Processor Type Celeron N2830
Processor Speed 2.16 GHz
Hard drive 500 GB
Speakers Built in and Microphones
Operating System DOS

Description of Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook:


This 11.6" netbook comes with impressive looks. The Asus laptops never fail to impress with sleek and light weight model design, a solid and strong body covering, a very comfortable and standard keypad and touchpad. Strucure of the design is simple yet elegant, with Asus logo imprinted on the top of the laptop. Overall, it scores good in looks department.


The laptop hosts a 11.6" screen that has been powered by LED backlit display, which makes the visuals and graphics more clear and precise. The LED backlit display lets you view your documents, medias, and images with better clarity. Moreover, the screen has 1366X768 pixels of resolution that lets you enjoy vivid graphics and rich colors. The Intel HD graphics supports HD diplayw that give you crisp and crystal clear images as well videos. 


Now that you have HD clear display, then you must have some great multimedia options. Asus X200MA (KX238D) laptop has built in speakers and microphones. Enjoy high quality of sound with beautiful display. The built in mic is amazing and will enhance your video calling experience.


One of the most improtant parameter to gauge the performance of any laptop or any gadget is its processor and its speed. Asus X200MA (KX238D) laptop has been equipped with 2.16 GHz Celeron N2830 processor that gives it superb speed with accuracy. Clubbed with this powerful processor and 2 GB RAM and 500GB DDR3 hard drive, to gives you simply fast performance and massive storage space to store all your stuff. The DOS operating system gives user efficiency of use.

Online Shopping Sites to Buy Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook:

Reviews of Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook:

Positive reviews of Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook:


  • Works like a charm and supports all the drivers for Windows 8.1.
  • Battery last for longer hours, and thus more durable and reliable.
  • Crisp and clear sound quality makes it even more efficient.
  • Light weight with amazing graphics and display!
  • Excellent laptop at such a resonable price tag.

Negative reviews of Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook:

  • Webcam quality is nominal.

User Ratings for Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook collected from Various Online Shopping Websites:

Amazon 3.7/5

Main Home Page for Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook

You can see manufacturer description for Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook  here.

Service Center and Support for Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook 

Service Center of Asus-X200MA (KX238D) Netbook  here.

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